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Thursday, 2 February 2012

January last!

Confession time: I'm not the most prolific blogger!!! I think its a week or so since I last blogged only to find a whole month has gone by - how did that happen?!  So, I think my ambition is going to be to do a monthly round-up of progress throughout the year and I hope to have at least 12 completed projects by the end of 2012 - but I will need to improve to reach that target!!!

At the end of 2011 I decided one of my other goals for 2012 would be to get a bit fitter and have since been attempting to do some jogging - not easy when you go to work in the dark, come home in the dark, provide taxi service to two children to their activities five times a week etc etc...however, I have managed some! My totals for January (as verified by Runkeeper - the most brilliant motivational free app which tracks the distance you have run, minutes per mile, calories burnt etc) are:

Number of runs: 12
Total miles: 37.5
Average pace: 10 mins per mile

Don't think I've actually lost any weight yet though! Will keep working (slowly) on that.

For 2012 my goal is to slow down a bit! I know, I'm snail pace already, but I think I've been trying to run before I can walk and not having too much success, which is a bit demoralising.  I think if I slow down and try and achieve a better quality, I'll be much happier! In saying that, I've loved every minute that I've been able to spend at my sewing - usually listening to 999 FM (Magic) which plays great 60's, 70's and 80's music...

Progress on the Colette Patterns Peony dress has been the slowest of all - I'm still working on the muslin trying to perfect the fit - which is still way off! I seriously need a manual on alterations... the main problems seem to be: the shoulders - too wide and far too loose; and the position of the darts - despite moving the darts out by a whole inch they still seem to be ridiculously close (does anyone have boobs that close together?): here's a couple of pictures so far (not pretty I know!):
I think that perhaps I need to cut a size smaller body(?) but keep the same waist measurement.  Anyway, patience was a real issue by now so have put this to one side in the hope that I can come back to it with fresh eyes.  I do want to make this dress a good fit as the skirt is a lovely shape.

To have a break from this dress I decided that I would tackle a burda pattern I've been eyeing for some time:
I love the unusual neckline on this blouse and can imagine it would be great to layer.  Ultimately I would love to make this in a lightweight linen, but for  now am trying it out with a poly cotton picked up for £1 per metre (no tears if it doesn't work out as planned then!):

I think I am definitely going to shorten the length by about 3" and going to have my first go at making bias binding for the sleeve finish - more to follow.  The pattern itself seems good except that the instructions are very brief and I've more or less made up how the collar fits.  I'm not sure its exactly right as in the magazine picture it looks like the collar is slightly proud of the neckline, but mine aligns - still, I like it like that, so no worries.

Knitting: Daughters' aran cardigan is finished! Just in time for her 14th birthday:
She loves it!!! It was a joy to knit and grew surprising quickly (for me).  The only change I made to the pattern was to take some of the fullness out of the sleeves for a slightly more fitted look, which I think worked really well.  The buttons are leather faced retro look buttons, 12 off at a cost of nearly £9!!! Still, the cost overall is still under £25 and looks far better (I think anyway) than anything you can get in New Look or River Island for more money.

I've also spent a bit of Christmas money and purchased "A Stitch in Time" - a gorgeous book full of vintage patterns adapted to modern yarns and sizes.  Saturday is going to be a trip to Bradford (about an hour and half's drive) to visit the Texere Mill there which apparently is a knitters heaven...more later... here are the patterns I am interested in tackling:

So, lots to look forward to!



  1. Wow! You claim to be a blogger bit prolific, but you have a lot of interesting projects to share, I love the cardigan of your daughter, so fast, and the blouse Burda, please can you tell me what the model number and magazine, I am interested in sewing that too .... perhaps together ....

  2. You Really have been very busy, no wonder you have no time to blog! I love you daughters Aran Cardigan, its just beautiful and looks so lovely and warm! The Burda blouse is lovely too, it has a very 50's feel to it and I'm sure its going to look great on!

    Ah A stitch in Time, is just fabulous isn't it, I can honestly say I would love to knit everything in there! I look forward to seeing your creations:)