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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sewing...but where is the sun?!

At last, a successful sewing project, well one I love anyway!  Have a look at this pattern, I think its great, lovely A line shape (tick), deep pockets (big tick), fitted waistband (tick) - I love it!

Instructions seemed easy to follow and it went together in a day! a record for me lol :)  The fabric is a lovely cotton sateen with a small amount of stretch which sewed beautifully and is lovely to wear from Fabrix in Lancaster.  I did View B but added the contrast band to the length of the skirt as I wanted it out of the one fabric - this will be great for warm weather IF we ever get any!

Freezing! can you see those grey clouds? yet more rain on the way.  Also wanted to add this shot of my rasberries (can you see the bush to my left - it was planted from a cutting last spring and now has these gorgeous fruits)

On the knitting front, I fell in love with this cropped jacket from the new Noro Magazine which is out now in WH Smiths

Its a pretty easy quick knit once you get the hang of the wrap and turn rows, but really effective with the lovely stripes which constantly change shade and colour - the wool is Silk Garden Sock Yarn which feels really luxurious - hope its a good fit when finished!

Finally, a great big thank you to the lovely Wendy at The Butterfly Balcony who nominated these humble ramblings with a blog award - I haven't got round to working out what I do Wendy but will be having a look (watch this space!) - I confess I am a technophobe hoping to improve!

Happy sewing and knitting x


  1. Love the skirt it looks great on you, I do hope the dratted weather perks up soon so you get a chance to wear it without freezing! Love the jacket too its going to be fab when finished, I've started knitting with marble yarn and had no idea how fun it is, its exiting to not quite know what its going to look like!

    oh and you are more than welcome:) if you need any help just let me know :) xx

  2. Beautiful! Love that skirt and I'm really jealous that you completed it in one day, wow! Do not worry about the cold weather, I'm in an oven, cooking slowly me .... so enjoy! I am sure that this wonderful plant would be dead in my garden in this weather ...